3 ways the right B2B agency can enhance your go-to-market strategy in 2021.

These days, strategy can’t be set in stone. It needs to be dynamic. If you’re interested in continuously improving your strategy, an external perspective is a great way to start. Whatever is on your mind, we listen, and discuss it, no strings attached.

Embrace Change

Change is constant. You can’t afford to venture into the market with outdated assumptions. 

In the Age of the Customer, buyers are in control and you need to meet them on their terms.

Despite the challenges, rewards await for those who can adapt and embrace the change first. When marketers recognise that their role is to guide customers through a buying journey based on value and relevance, everything changes.

Of course, none of this is possible without putting the customer at the heart of your business.

Gain Insight And Clarity

At Atomic, we believe you can never know too much about your customer. Understanding their motivations, frustrations, and aspirations is the critical ingredient in creating value and generating demand.

It’s how we help leading B2B tech companies go to market with higher efficiency – by developing insight-driven strategies with the customer at the core.

High-quality Conversation With No Hidden Agendas

We want to make it clear at the outset that we value relationships. Our Free Strategy Session is not a back door to a sales pitch. We won’t try to sell you anything during or after the workshop.

We Get To The Bottom Of What's On Your Mind.

Atomic offers a Free Strategy Session to leading B2B technology companies. It’s an opportunity to review and discuss their go-to-market strategy and campaign development approach. Spend a rewarding 60-minute Zoom meeting with our Lead Strategist, and leave with the inspiration, techniques and insights you need to go to market more effectively.


Marc Halschka

Marc is a marketing allrounder with a focus on the interface of creative engagement, digital performance and sales impact. As a keen Marketing Technologist Marc is enthusiastic to discuss digital initiatives; connecting the dots between marketing campaigns and pipeline impact.

Niall Dowling

Niall is adept at standing back and seeing the big picture. Working with top B2B tech companies targeting scenario enterprise leaders in every vertical, he combines deep industry, persona and stakeholder expertise with a passion for B2B strategy.

Kimberly Miller

Kimberly brings a 360° view of customer and client needs from her experience in digital transformation consulting, plus strategy at creative agencies and technology companies. Her career began in San Francisco where she was taught that anything is possible when you put customer experience first.